Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Tuesday Stuff

By the way, I didn’t say anything about the latest horrific terrorist attack, this time in Brussels, not because I didn’t care, but because I didn’t think I had anything terribly important to say.

However, I turned on my teevee earlier today and watched Tweety talking with Jonathan Capehart, who I pretty much respect, and some lady who worked in counterterrorism whose name escapes me, and the charter member of our Beltway courtier media was basically waxing along the lines of, gee, isn’t it interesting how terrorism can bring people together? Why, prior to the Iraq war, we didn’t like the French, with all of that “freedom fries” stuff, but after last year we united with them, or something.

Leave it to Chris Matthews to sneak in a plug for Former Commander Codpiece, trying to come up with more propaganda at the expense of a country which, actually, turned out to be right all along about Number 43’s mess in Mesopotamia (and by the way, my feelings for France have remained unchanged throughout).

(Also, this latest attack should put to rest the whole question of Apple and data encryption as far as I’m concerned. Yes, this creates an opportunity for abuse by the telcos, which they’ve been guilty of all along anyway, but when technology starts obstructing law enforcement, then, as far as I’m concerned, we’ve reached the water’s edge, as they say.)

I thought I’d offer a departure on this story from the typical media idiocy in this country and turn to our neighbors to the north instead…

…and, as I recall, RT wrote this song as sort of a spoof on the mind of a terrorist – with today’s events, I felt like hearing it again.

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