Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Sorry, but if you’re looking for something like respect and PR in light of this story, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

With his every utterance (either in print or spoken word), gesture and physical act of any kind whatsoever, Antonin Scalia did all he could to antagonize anyone who did not share his political orientation, which is all the more reprehensible because he was permanently ensconced in an institution which is NOT supposed to be political. This post gives but a small sampling of how Scalia looked at our government overall and how that was manifest in his odious rulings (sorry I didn’t do a better job on confirming the sources; of course, it doesn’t help that the CNN link is expired – more is here and here).

It’s not possible to cover in a single post the legal destruction caused by Scalia’s utterly wrong-headed judicial rulings (let’s see, how about Bush v. Gore, Heller – which codified by law the NRA’s propagandistic misinterpretation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution – and dismantling the Voting Rights Act for starters, as well as Citizens United), but this retrospective of sorts from yours truly represents a bit of a sampling.

Thom Hartmann puts Scalia in the proper context IMHO (and to consider Scalia a Catholic is probably the most wrong-headed possible way to categorize him; he never represented any religion I was ever taught or encouraged to practice)…

…and I think Cenk and The Young Turks have done a great job of cataloging Scalia’s insanity (and yes, I think it’s safe to call it that) here; I give you a sampling below…

Update 2/16/16: I also thought this was a typically thorough analysis from Ian Millhiser (here).

…turning to other matters, best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day…

…and here is an opposing point of view :-) – might have to crank the volume.

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