Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Stuff

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Rachel Maddow performs a great service here IMHO in her special report on the antics in Michigan under Repug Rick Snyder and how his awful judgment ended up ruining the water in the now-accursed city of Flint - her outrage is totally justified…

…and yes, there’s too much wiggle room here, if you will, on the question of a potential agreement with the butcher Assad in Syria, but as a certain former Prime Minister of Great Britain once said, “jar-jar is better than war-war” (and I don’t know why the hell the decision was made to try in sneak in a plug for Trump with Joe Scar, but kudos to former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul for putting the whole Trump/Putin thing in the right context – sure, Putin hasn’t been convicted of killing a journalist, kind of like the way Chris Christie hasn’t been convicted of creating a traffic disaster on a certain bridge and lying about it and covering up).

(Oh, and one more thing – I really don’t have much to say about the whole “data breach” thing with the Bernie Sanders campaign, except to wonder why DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz could not have found a way to get both camps to sit down and try to work something out behind closed doors instead of trying to cut off the Sanders campaign and make a public show, but then end up more or less retreating when the Sanders campaign quite rightly IMHO fought back on the right to access their own donor list…D W-S strikes me as generally being tone deaf on this stuff, and this to me is just another example...opposing points of view on this and everything generally are certainly welcome because I'm hardly an expert on this issue.)...

…and now, time for some more seasonal selections.

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