Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday Stuff

I have to admit that this is absolutely astonishing – it gives you an insight (as if you wanted one, I know) into what passes for the conservative mind.

Oh, this is supposed to be “humor”? Really???

Let’s see – how many ways does this go wrong…chock full of violent images, crammed full of anti-liberal stereotypes, objectifying women…oh, and it’s absolutely NSFW because of language. And the biggest right-wing boogeyman (person?) of all is at the very end, of course.

And the person behind this is Matthew Continetti, who I’m sure is just oh so proud (and who I've posted about many times in the past)…what an imbecile…

…and I absolutely couldn’t help but thinking of the Troy Davis case as I watched this…

…and let’s turn to the seasonal stuff, which is nearing its end too – sad face.

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