Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Stuff

Kudos to Melissa Harris-Perry for giving Hosni Mubarak Walker the following dose of reality (here)…

…and nice work by Frankie Goes to the Vatican here – though you knew the inevitable push back would follow; all of which made me recall this evergreen item from Stephen Colbert…

...and I give you the latest installment of FAIR TV (I'm so old that I can remember when Judy Woodruff actually didn't have a problem asking hard-hitting questions, but I guess those days are done – what a pity)...

…and I’m going to save you from wasting your time reading this corporate media garbage and cut right to the proverbial chase instead.

Here is the message: the economy isn’t sunshine, lollipops and rainbows every day. Why? Because Magical Prince Obama in the White House hasn’t made everything all peachy keen, of course.

How could this be? He has such obliging public servants ready to work with him, doesn’t he? And so popular too!

And as we know, Obama has been surpassed on job creation by every other president, hasn’t he?

Oh well, I guess this means that those silly voters will barely show up to the polls in November, ensuring that the Republicans will strengthen their hold on one chamber of Capitol Hill and completely take over the other.

And maybe it will also mean the economy will be better. Or maybe it won’t. Either way, it will all be the fault of those silly voters. And Magical Prince Obama, of course.

And oh, it’s 5:00 – time for the whores of the Beltway media/political/industrial complex to belly up to the bar (make sure to pass the sweet and sour shrimp, along with the plate of nachos).

All of this absolutely SCREAMS for us to go out and vote for Democrats in a few weeks, to say nothing of supporting them as our means allow. Yes, our corporate media will keep concocting conservative-friendly nonsense like this regardless, and It’s true that the Dems are definitely not perfect, but do you honestly think any of the issues we face will get better if you don’t?

Which brings me back to this video – I think it’s time to dust this off. I did well with it in ’06, ’08 also, not so much in ’10, and a little better in ’12. Let’s see if it can manage to do the trick again.

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