Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday Stuff

Oh yes, that baaad Affordable Care Law is such a job-killer – uh huh (and why anybody STILL hasn’t figured out what Mr.-Puppy-Dog-Eyes-With-The-Shiv is really up to my now…stick it to the poors and the “blahs” any way possible, among others of course…is something I cannot possibly imagine – and good point by Melissa Harris-Perry about public sector workers).

(By the way, I would ask that you take a look at about 10:20 or so when President Obama is giving his latest speech on the economy. Pay particular attention to the applauding and smiling faces of younger voters behind him, and then ask yourself if you think that they will EVER vote for a Republican after all of this...)

…and cleaning tile grout from your bathroom is probably more interesting than listening to Harry Reid I’ll admit, but the tone of his voice is a lot less important than his actual words here, which are commendable…

…and happy 75th birthday to Francis Ford Coppola – I know it would be easier to include a “Godfather” clip here, and richly deserved, but I always liked “Tucker: The Man And His Dream,” with a bravura turn by Jeff Bridges – here is the climactic courtroom scene in the movie where the SEC ends up putting him out of business…a shame he didn’t live to see this

…and what the hell – this all puts me in the mood to hear a tune about a car, so…

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