Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Stuff

I would say that The Big Man in Rome is “laying down a marker” to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with this one

Update 10/24/13: And I would respectfully submit that His Holiness was talking about these "Christians" also.

…and I know I said that there would be a whole bunch of milestones this year, and here is another – 40 years ago on Sunday, the “Saturday Night Massacre” took place (I absolutely loved “Our World,” and then as now, Patrick Buchanan remains sickeningly arrogant)…

…and possibly the darkest day in the presidency of The Sainted Ronnie R took place on this date 30 years ago with the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon (here - oh, but we “liberated” Grenada afterwards, so it was all good…uh huh)…

…and I might as well get all the “downer” stuff out of the way at once with this, which means it’s time again for this video (and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this either, though this is positive).

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