Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Stuff

Mikey The Liar strikes again (here, on the matter of H Res 368, Section 2 in particular)…
Fitzpatrick, R-8, Middletown, said House resolution 368 was “no different than what was done in the past” with budget negotiations and it "allowed anybody to debate on the House floor."

“The normal process of when the House and Senate disagree is to go to conference,” Fitzpatrick said. “So, I voted to make sure both the House and the Senate would go to conference to resolve the budget impasse, which is how it should get done. That’s what this resolution was designed to do.”
Even for Mikey, a falsehood like that definitely fails the smell test.

As noted in the video with Chris Van Hollen and Jason Chaffetz linked in the Courier Times story, H Res 358 Section 2 was written explicitly so only the House Majority Leader (that sleazy weasel Eric Cantor) or his “designate” could introduce legislation re-opening the government, which, based on this, will happen shortly at long last.

Gee, I wonder if the supposedly august-in-their-imaginations Courier Times editorial board will call Mikey on this one? And by the way, here is some reality on the supposedly “job crushing” medical device tax.

Fed up with Mikey and his BS as much as I am? Click here to do something about it (and here’s a clip of people who were victimized by the games played by Mikey and his U.S. House playmates...and apparently Mikey has learned well from the "tutelage" of "Man Tan" Boehner based on this)…

…and let’s not forget who the yahoos are who damn near caused another recession, namely, the clowns in this video who don’t actually know the first thing about the document they claim to know inside out…

Update 10/17/13: And speaking of the Teahadists...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

…and given all of this, I actually think Ari Melber is onto something here…

…and it looks like the activity in this video is about the only positive thing that will be happening on an ice-skating rink in these parts for a little while.

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