Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wednesday Mashup (11/9/11) (update)

  • I honestly wasn’t going to say anything about the sexual stuff with Repug presidential soon-to-be-no-longer-hopeful Herman Cain, since I personally had prior issues with him before we ever got to the point where we are now. However, I’m compelled to do so after reading this item from the WaPo…
    If there was ever any doubt that the Herman Cain scandal was slowly slipping into a more sensational phase, then Gloria Allred’s presence at a Monday news conference with an alleged victim of the Republican presidential candidate erased any doubt.

    Allred, who calls herself the “most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today,” has represented a motley crew of women who have brought claims against wealthy, famous, and high-powered men.
    Yes, Gloria Allred is a publicity hound, but since when is she the person on trial in the court of public opinion here?

    And Allred represents “a motley crew of women”? Such as Mandi Hamlin I guess, who claimed that she was “humiliated” when she was forced to take off her nipple rings at a Lubbock, Texas airport? Or actress Charlotte Lewis, who claimed that she was “sexually abused” by Roman Polanski when she was 16 years old? They’re both “motley” women, according to Nia-Malika Henderson, the person who concocted this dreck?

    As noted here, though, hackery is Henderson’s stock in trade; she claimed that talks involving Iran were “an odd and troubling development” in October 2010 (as a commenter pointed out, ignoring them for 30 or so years, bastards that they are, has worked beautifully, hasn’t it?). And for good measure, I give you this, in which she criticized President Obama for giving Queen Elizabeth II a “personalized iPod” without noting that the Queen had requested it.

    And besides, didn't we just get done with beating on the victim in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn business? And this tells us the latest on this guy.

    I suppose that, while I’m on this subject involving Cain (who, somehow, I don’t think is going to making any campaign commercials where he takes a long, slow look to the camera and breaks into a wide grin again anytime soon), I should also say something about the stuff with Joe Paterno and Penn State. I know there are people out there who are using this whole mess with Joe Pa’s former pal Jerry (“Oh My Freaking God How Can This Guy Not Be A Pedophile”) Sandusky to “pile on,” using football parlance, but let me just say this.

    I hope this doesn’t indelibly stain Paterno’s otherwise exemplary record as an educator and a coach, but it probably will. Because, when all is said and done, he did here exactly what the Catholic Church did for years on the abuse scandal; they “delegated” the matter and “kicked the can,” hoping it would go away.

    When that strategy actually works one day on that awful issue, please let me know. I don’t see that ever happening in this universe, nor should it.

    Update 11/10/11: Good point here about the riot of Penn State students over the firing of Joe Paterno and University President Graham Spanier, namely that, if OWS had overturned a news van, there would have been a police riot in response.

  • Next, I give you the following ramblings from John Stossel of Fix Noise here, who apparently is continuing to suffer the effects of those face slaps from wrestler David Schultz all those years ago…
    It would be nice if politicians and regulators left us alone. But they don't. They always want to do more. Recently, there have been shortages of some medicines. Cancer patients can't get drugs they need. Why not?

    One reason is that a big drugmaker shut down for a year in part to meet Food and Drug Administration rules. The FDA makes it so expensive and difficult to sell drugs that there isn't an eager pack of companies rushing to the fill the gap. The free market would provide that, but government intervention, such as low Medicare reimbursement, strangles it. So people suffer.

    Meanwhile, this tells us the following from the world of reality…
    Right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin and Fox Business host Andrew Napolitano have attacked President Obama for issuing an executive order that seeks to reduce prescription drug shortages, arguing that government regulations are the real problem. But Obama's executive order not only deals with regulatory delays but also attempts to tackle problems with the manufacturing pipeline, which analyses say is the biggest reason for the shortages.
    And as noted here, Stossel seems to make a habit out of propagandizing about the alleged ineffectiveness of government agencies.

  • Continuing, none other than Abu Gonzales poked his head out of his proverbial hole to tell us the following here…
    Last month President Barak (sic) Obama announced the United States military had accomplished its mission in Iraq and that we would be withdrawing all U.S. forces by the end of 2011. The announcement caught many of us by surprise. Certainly, our soldiers have fought courageously; and they and their families deserve our gratitude. Their service and sacrifice is beyond question. Whether the President's decision is the right one at this time, however, deserves closer examination.
    Leave it to “Fredo” not to point out that Obama is merely acting in accordance with the Status of Force Agreement signed under Abu G’s boss (and yes, Obama should have emphasized that too; also, ‘Berto, want to try using a spell check next time?).

    I guess, though, that Gonzales can be forgiven for not knowing that, since he resigned in disgrace in September 2007 and the SOFA was signed in November 2008.

  • Finally, I should take a minute and congratulate Diane Marseglia on winning re-election as a Bucks County Commissioner yesterday.

    And as far as the good news goes, that’s about it.

    Nice job, all you Democratic and independent voters who didn’t think the scandal in the Register of Wills office was reason enough to show up and vote for Diane and Det Ansinn and toss Charley (“I Have A Semi-Open Mind”) Martin; the stench was so bad that even the Bucks County Courier Times failed to endorse Martin, who was returned with Rob Loughery, thus ensuring a Repug majority.

    Bravo, all you Democrats and independents who couldn’t quite find the time to vote for Ken Seda and Ron Schmid for Lower Makefield supervisor, thus ensuring victory for Jeff Benedetto and “Dobby” Dobson and giving the Repugs a stranglehold on the LMT board of supervisors (and I will admit that the independent candidacies of Ron Smith and Kristin Tyler probably siphoned off votes that would have helped Ron and Ken, and I went back and forth on that, but I decided to at least link to the Smith/Tyler site anyway; in the end, I thought it was their right to run as independents, for better or worse).

    And worst of all, pat yourselves on the back a final time for not coming out to support Gene Dolnick and Linda Palsky for the Pennsbury School Board. Do you know who runs the board now? Simon Campbell, that’s who. Do you honestly think Steve Kosmorsky and Chris Cridge will do anything else but Campbell’s bidding?

    Get ready for increased class sizes, cutting student programs and extracurricular activities, less teacher prep time and/or time for parent conferences, and the very real possibility of a Pennsbury teachers strike. Beautiful work.

    Prepare to reap the whirlwind, you lazy fools.

    Anonymous said...

    It's interesting to see how easily you can shift your rage and hate from the Repugs to your own side.

    You are a sad, pathetic loser.

    doomsy said...

    I was waiting for a comment like this.

    My “rage” and “hate,” as you put it, is supported by facts. It is supported by information I link to elsewhere to support my arguments. If you have information that is contrary to what I present here, please provide it so it can be looked at by myself and anyone else who may want to critique it.

    Also, here is the reason why I am upset at people of my political persuasion who didn’t think voting was important last Tuesday. Not to pat myself on the back, but I happened to work a phone bank on Tuesday making calls as part of the “Get Out The Vote” effort. We received “tear sheets” at noon and 3:30 listing Democrats to be contacted. Names of registered Democrats who had voted were highlighted. There were very few Democrats highlighted at noon and not many more beyond that highlighted at 3:30. So unless there was a tidal wave of Democrats who voted later in the day (not borne out by the final results), there were a hell of a lot of Democrats who did indeed not bother to vote. And I think calling those people lazy fools is kind, given what was at stake and the consequences to come as a result of their apathy.