Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, I now give you Repug U.S. House Rep from PA Lou Barletta here, ultra supreme jag off ("oooh, you filthy unkempt liberal blogger, you're not supposed to call people names.").

Well then, what would YOU call a U.S. Congressman or woman who laughs at his constituents (and yes, I realize the guy who spoke most of the time was strident, but he happened to be absolutely right). And isn't it disgusting to watch Barletta shine those pearly whites when someone speaks with whom he disagrees (and shuffles papers disinterestedly), but can suddenly try calling the crowd to order when he hears a sympathetic question (while the Fix Noise automatons try to hush the guy who actually makes sense)...

Update 5/20/11: Wow, Barletta sure is one smiling coward based on this.

…and Dem Gov. Pete Shumlin of Vermont is my new hero; Rachel Maddow explains why…

…and happy 85th birthday to Harper Lee, one of the greatest writers of all time…

…and I know Lawrence O’Donnell teed off on Orly Taitz, and good for him, but sorry, I want to deal with stuff here that’s actually important – that said, though, as long as we’re dealing with the supposed controversy over the place our president was born, let’s not forget about this also (h/t Atrios), which brings to mind this tune.

(Yes I know, Kiss last night and Van Halen tonight – I’ll return to more normal fare tomorrow.)

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