Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

And oh yeah, let's not forget about Michigan either (and you'd better be paying attention, Governor Tom "Space Cadet" Corbett)...

...and geez, take it easy on the slopes, willya James? (one of my favorite songs from him, which probably isn't surprising I'm sure - sorry about the captions).


Anonymous said...

Snyder lied. They all lied. Maybe now the citizens will pay attention.

New York taxes pensions as does many other states.

In my time the states in which the pensions were earned could tax them even if the retiree moved to another state that did not tax.

Clinton ended that.

I hold my breath now wondering when Corbett will jump on the bandwagon.

Maybe now the citizens will pay attention.

doomsy said...

If they don't pay attention now, then I wonder if and when they ever will.