Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Rachel Maddow provides a great history lesson here on why Dems should support working men and women and families in this country (sad that they need to be reminded of that from time to time) considering what's going on in the Midwest (and the report also explains why the Repugs target labor and organizations like ACORN, which of course has ceased to exist because of this...and speaking of '90s "culture war" crap, I give you this, almost too despicable for words - and this is ironic at least concerning conservative "fair-haired boy" O'Keefe)...

...and yes, this video is about Dubya's Not-So-Excellent Adventure in Iraq, which began eight years ago today, but in a way, it's also about Afghanistan; even though there's an image of Obama implying that he's going to fix everything...well, he's definitely made progress for us in Iraq, but he owns the land where empires crumble now, along with Petraeus, who is making deals with criminals to concoct something approximating "victory," as far as he's concerned, in our name.


Anonymous said...

Obama said when he campaigned the US would not unilaterally engage in a war again.

Today Obama ended the neo con/Bush doctrine of preemption and unilateral wars of choice.

He did not rush into Egypt, and while he was criticized for not rushing to "help" it proved to be the best thing. Now his action is being said to be brilliant. The Egyptians are voting, Mubarak will leave, his son will not take his place, and no Americans died there to bring it about.

Today the US launched missiles into Libya but it is not our war, the French started bombing targets first, and we did not stick a finger in the eye of the Arab nations to do it.
This is a NATO operation and it was asked for by the Arab League.

Guilani was frothing saying we waited too long and should have invaded Libya weeks ago. A third war with certain death for Americans? And how to pay for it? I am sure Dick and Liz Cheney are gnashing their teeth. They would have liked another Iraq, to show the world the power of the US.

Well, the world is not impressed with our power,and the wars in the Middle East have always been said to be the US or Israel wars and that has helped feed terrorism.

The US is today acting in a "supporting" role with with international allies with the approval of the Arabs to take down Kadafi. Obama has said there will be no American troops on Libyan soil. This will help protect relationships with the Arab nations, the tyrant will be taken out, the consequences will be shared, if any, and with Gods will no Americans will die.

I have to say Hillary Clinton is brilliant as Secretary of State. She has been meeting with NATO leaders for days.
This is the new Obama foreign policy and the neo cons will want it to fail, they will be railing about it , accusing the president of wimping out. They can all go to hell, none of them ever served or wore the uniform of the country they profess to love.

They want to send other peoples kids to war. No more.

I hope the people of the country realize how important it was to have Arab support for this.

doomsy said...

Thank you for this comment in particular – I agree 150 percent; I’ve just been too busy with other stuff to say anything. There are legitimate beefs one can have with the Obama Administration, namely over the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning and the fact that he hasn’t held the Bush crowd to account the way he should, but you could also make the argument that he didn’t have the political capital to do it and chose to do his part signing Dem legislation into law from 2008 to 2010 and making constructive changes that way instead (yes, we’re a nation of laws, but due to the fact that too many voters in this country vote for corporatist greedhead Republicans and chicken Democrats, the politics seem to trump everything, with the corporate media doing its stenography bit as always – if I see one more CNN web site “Ticker” post announcing bad news for Sarah Palin, I’m going to vomit on my monitor). Obama has done things wrong, of course – what president hasn’t? – but try imaging how Gramps “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” McCain would handle this (and I don’t even want to think about what SP would do if McCain had checked out of here).

Also about Libya…I’m sure Rudy 9iu11ani and the conservative jackal pack on Fix Noise and elsewhere are pillorying Obama for not acting sooner, but I think he and Hillary Clinton played this exactly right, letting the French take the lead into battle (strange, but suddenly I don’t see any more cracks about “freedom fries” and “freedom toast”). And I’m sure “America’s Mayor,” Gingrich and the like (what a bunch) don’t have a word of criticism for Number 43 for normalizing relations with Quaddafi (is that how you spell this guy’s name?) even though the Libyan nut case had no intention of establishing anything approximating democratic reforms in that country (important not to pass CAFTA also with them, IMHO). Yes, I know the process of normalizing relations started under Bill Clinton and Quaddafi did do a lot to make reparations for past terrorism, but the potential payoff for sitting on all of that oil was more of a motivation than doing the right thing, which he’ll never do.

And as long as I’m on this subject, I should voice some displeasure with some of my lefty blogging brethren for making cracks about “freedom bombs” and the like. There’s such a thing as an appropriate, common sense use of force, and this is it. We let Quaddafi slaughter his own people, and that just means the country becomes more of a failed state than it already is (and one day, when he either dies or gets bumped off, the whole damn place turns into something like a cross between Somalia and North Korea for al Qaeda). This way, if he is eventually overthrown in this battle, we can start over clean with someone else who will owe us a debt for helping out before taking power.