Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

(Not sure about posting for tomorrow…)

Well, Hosni Mubarak Walker finally did it (here) – shame indeed (and I'll remember this the next time I hear a conservative complaining about a "Democrat" power grab)…

…and oh God, Newt, please run for president (he said he’ll let us know in May pretty close to my ‘hood – hmm, I smell campaign kickoff)…

…also, I hope more people understand that this has a pretty witty pun based on “The Sound of Music” – well, we'll see…

Update 3/10/11: And speaking of Peter King and his "SCARY MUSLIM! Theater," I give you this.

…and here’s a song about something I wish the Repugs had more of – to hang themselves, of course, which they’re in the process of doing (the overreach with these people is always inevitable).

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't Newt say the "devil made me do it" ? That would be believable.

The man is a pig and no offense intended to pigs.

He is going to give the republicans heartburn if his numbers are good...but he also could be so bad that he makes Huckleberry or whatever his name is look good.

This is already a nasty campaign.