Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday Stuff

Ed Schultz brings us a recap of the Sunday bobbleheads here, including Nikki Haley and her "Democrat" Party reference - wonder who she's rumored to have had an affair with this week (oooohh).

And by the way, the voters of Wisconsin appear to have had enough of Hosni Mubarak Walker and some of the "Republic" Party senators who want to help him end collective bargaining for public workers in that state (to say nothing of Walker's "fluffing" of the Koch Brothers, which explains all of this).

...and hopefully this is what awaits Walker, from a political point of view anyway.

(No posting today because of medical stuff, hopefully not a big deal - I'll try to get back to doing what I do tomorrow.)

Update: And the Kochs had more than a little bit of a hand in this also (funny how Mikey The Beloved flipped from voting against cutting funding for the Greenhouse Gases Polluter Program last week to now supporting oil subsidies; hope he didn’t hurt himself doing the “360” for that one…the “pay no price, bear no burden” bunch skates again while the rest of us get it in the proverbial neck – can’t wait to see how the Bucks County Courier Times spins this move)…

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