Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tuesday Stuff

This is the Rachel Maddow clip I was looking for from last night by the way - I call this case closed (I can do without this guy's narration in the beginning, and the head shots and the un-synched audio, and it craps out with about a minute to go, but it is his clip, I realize...I also don't know where he got those figures about congressional salaries; maybe he's right for some members, but I have a feeling Patrick Murphy, for example, while doing OK as he should have, wasn't pulling in three quarters of a mil...I hope all you dunces who voted Republican last November are happy now)...

Update 2/11/11: Oh yes, the House Repugs are definitely doing the people's business in light of this, aren't they? And by the way, look where the deficit shows up on the issue list.

...and every time I think that Sarah Palin can't possibly plummet to new depths of stupidity, she manages to do it as she did here...uh, Aguilera was born in New York and she grew up in PA - where does Palin want to deport her to? Croydon?

Try watching this video after losing a loved one and tell me how much it matters that she screwed up the national anthem.

Life is short, people, and you-know-what happens.

Update 2/10/11: OK, the Palin/Aguilera thing is satire and I got snagged, so my bad here...but seriously, is it that much of a stretch?

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