Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thursday Mashup (1/6/11)

  • I’ve really tried to avoid the blog of former Laura Bush employee Andrew Malcolm for a little while now, but I suppose some things can’t be put off forever, particularly with us beginning a new year and all.

    And if you guessed that his latest nonsense here has to do with misinterpreting polling data, then you win a free, commemorative John Boehner crying towel…

    Finally, some good news to please President Obama in a new Gallup Poll.

    The survey finds that more Americans still identify themselves as Democrats (31%) than call themselves Republicans.

    Now, the bad news:

    That 31% ties the lowest annual average of Democrats since 1988, when fellow Harvard Law alum Michael Dukakis got thumped by the first Bush to become president.
    Oh yes, I know this news is absolutely terrifying and has all kinds of evil portents for the election of President Obama to a second term. OMIGOD!!

    Thirty one percent??!! Time to clean house!! Fire everybody and bring back the Clintonites!!!

    But before anybody does anything, I would ask that you look at this Gallup poll from June of 2008, a few months before Obama was elected. Guess what the percentage was of voters who identified themselves as Democrats?

    Thirty seven percent.

    So basically, Malcolm is trying to whip up opposition to Number 44 as usual, even though, despite the litany of “issues” Malcolm cites against Obama (“Broken promises”? For real, Malcolm??!!) and the pettiness of noting the times Obama flew on Air Force One and the Marine One helicopter (please), the number of voters identifying themselves as Democrats has decreased by a mere six points (and we have quite a way to go still until the 2012 elections, fortunately).

    Also, from the reality-based community, Eric Boehlert tells us here why he is “embarrassed” for Malcolm and his attempts at propagandizing poll data.

    Meanwhile, I would ask that you keep the following poll numbers here in mind on the issue of choice and other family matters when the ruling U.S. House Repugs, flush now with their own sense of self importance, inevitably go too far in pursuit of a “values” issue (see trying to defund public television, turning the Terri Schiavo tragedy into a circus, Clinton impeachment, etc.).

  • Next, David Bossie of Citizens United propagandizes here about the now-departed 111th Congress (here)…

    The 112th Congress…will have the monumental task of cleaning up the mess made by the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress. First and foremost, it should be the goal of this Congress not to increase the exploding national debt. The 111th Congress added a seemingly impossible $3.22 trillion to the national debt in just two years, for a grand total of nearly $13.9 trillion and counting. Every American man, woman and child now owes $44,886.57 each toward the national debt. America cannot sustain itself on this massive borrowing and trillion-dollar deficit spending.
    “Democrat”-controlled…too funny (once again, “Democrat” is a noun, not an adjective). And in the matter of Pelosi supposedly “exploding” the national debt, I give you Media Matters once more here.

    So who exactly does Bossie support among congressional Repugs? Well, as noted here…

    Citizens United, the conservative, Supreme Court-case-winning no-profit that produced Newt Gingrich's "America at Risk" documentary (released two films last September). The first…"Fire from the Heartland," (is) a documentary that features Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wy.), and Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) as examples of what CU's David Bossie calls "an awakening among women in America."
    And for the record, that would be the same Moon Unit Bachmann who, as noted here, supports increasing the deficit.

    Lather, rinse, repeat…

  • Finally, Orrin Hatch takes issue with those who take issue with the Repug-run 112th Congress reading the Constitution on the House floor (here)…

    …who would have thought that simply reading the Constitution out loud on the House floor — by the very House members who the day before took an oath to support and defend it — would be met with such cynicism. Many belittled it as “symbolism,” as if that were a bad thing. One Democratic congressman dismissed reading the Constitution as nothing but “propaganda.” He is — seriously — the previous chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on, yes, the Constitution.
    The person Hatch is referring to is Dem congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York (and of course, the wingnutosphere leapt into full-on umbrage mode here, saying that Nadler “slandered” the Constitution, which of course is demonstrably false).

    I think all of this is a tempest in the proverbial tea pot anyway also because, as noted here, even the now-ruling party in the House didn’t think much of the ritual they themselves ballyhooed to con play like fools once more steal votes from win over those zany teabaggers.

    Besides, Hatch doesn’t have any room to lecture anybody on the Constitution, particularly because, as noted here, he totally misrepresented the document on the matter of passing health care reform through reconciliation last year…

    To impose the will of some Democrats and to circumvent bipartisan opposition, President Obama seems to be encouraging Congress to use the “reconciliation” process, an arcane budget procedure, to ram through the Senate a multitrillion-dollar health-care bill that raises taxes, increases costs and cuts Medicare to fund a new entitlement we can’t afford. This is attractive to proponents because it sharply limits debate and amendments to a mere 20 hours and would allow passage with only 51 votes (as opposed to the 60 needed to overcome a procedural hurdle). But the Constitution intends the opposite process, especially for a bill that would affect one-sixth of the American economy.
    What we’ve got here, people, is your basic “bull-dookey” (and as Greg Sargent notes here, Hatch followed that dreaded “offens(ive) to democracy” reconciliation process to vote four times when his party ran the Senate).

    Oh, and speaking of Hatch and legislation, here is an example of a bogus bill he introduced to score partisan political points last year that was an utter embarrassment (though, as far as our corporate media is concerned – all together nowIOKIYAR…and that might as well be changed to “always OK” for good measure).
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