Friday, January 07, 2011

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Good for Alan Grayson; he should keep speaking up even though he’s out of public life – his voice needs to be heard (here)…

…and it’s time for a theology lesson from “father” Bill Orally here (his stupidity goes in, it goes out – plenty of miscommunication)…

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…”Worst Persons” from Wednesday (An Illinois woman calls the police because she was afraid something happened to her husband when she heard scary noises over his cell phone, but in reality, he was safe and sound and the scary noises was just the sound of rap tunes coming from his car radio…wonder if she’ll have to pay for the time spent by the cops chasing the proverbial wild goose here?; President Traian Basescu of Romania inflicts a tax on gypsies and fortune tellers in that country - good luck trying to collect; but David Williams, president of the state senate in Kentucky, wants to be guv, so he decided to do his would-be counterpart in Arizona, Jan “Lady Skeletor” Brewer, one better on her “illegal to be brown” law…but of course, Williams is “a horse of a different color,” as they say, and I’ll let you, dear reader, assume the anatomical reference)…

…and finally, I have to tell you that I’ve felt like I’d rather vote for Tom Coburn than post this week, and if that isn’t a damning indictment, then I don’t know what is.

I’m surprised a bit that the story of the death of Bucks County, PA (and Lower Makefield) resident Matt Crozier made the Huffington Post here, but I suppose it was because it is such a horrific tragedy.

While giving away as few details as possible, I should point out that we’re friends somewhat of the family – not close, but we’ve interacted at school and church functions a bit. You would have to go a long way to find more selfless individuals. And we are part of a community in utter shock (I suppose my own personal sense of rage will come later, not that that’s worth much in the scheme of things I realize).

At times like this, you feel that no matter what you’re doing to help the family, it isn’t enough. And as someone who helped to bury a parent in his 70s, my personal experience was that there were times when I felt like I needed the support like nobody’s business, but there were also plenty of times when I just wanted people to get the hell out of my face, no matter how good their intentions. I can only imagine how much those feelings are magnified for someone cut down quite literally in the prime of his life.

(Also, politics isn’t worth spit in the face of situations like this, but this has made me reflect once more on the stupidity of our wars, particularly in Afghanistan. Knowing that situations like this have played out literally thousands of times in the last ten years in particular across this country for our casualties has made me want to take to the streets banging pots and pans calling for people to get motivated and call their politicians, telling them to end the war in as direct a manner as possible, as The Eternal Molly Ivins once said we should. But of course, lacking her spine, I won’t.)

I’ve gone back and forth on an appropriate song, and I hope this will suffice (you hear Howard Stern and Robin Quivers at the end complimenting Dave Grohl).

"When he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun."

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