Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Stuff

I hope I've already made it clear that this site doesn't traffic in "eliminationist" rhetoric against anyone except bin Laden, though of course it does traffic in a lot of snark (but if you ask me to give up on that, you might as well ask me to give up on typing on a keyboard - in K.O.'s fine "Special Comment" which is an update to a previous "Special Comment" about Tucson, he doesn't mention Ross Douthat of the New York Times who said the Giffords shooting would be a gift to liberals, or something, which I thought was utterly repugnant).

Also, speaking of Rep. Giffords (whose recovery thus far has been nothing short of miraculous), two angry white guys (James Carville and Ed Rollins) are blasting each other over at CNN concerning the fact that Arizona law says that Giffords' seat is "vacant" if she is unable to serve after three months; Carville says that he doesn't think Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is dumb enough to allow that to happen, to which I think to myself, "she was dumb enough to sign that 'illegal to be brown' law, wasn't she?"...

...and in honor of Dr. King, I give you this - this may be the only chance I get this year to put up this video, so here it is.

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