Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

I tried to put together a "mashup" post today with the common thread of Republicans being "a-holes" in blocking legislation and basically laughing at Obama as a result of our chief executive's attempts at bipartisanship or whatever on the omnipresent matter of tax cuts (and as always, in Beltway parlance, "bipartisanship" means Democrats giving in more and more while Repugs keep moving the goal posts), but I ended up running out of time. Besides, if you visit Daily Kos today, you'll find that they did a much better job of it than I could have.

Also, I know that, during these next two long, burdensome years of Repug control of the U.S. House, I'll have to be a bit selective in displaying my outrage since I except this bunch to utterly disgust me on a continual basis. That being said, this is still pretty contemptible (every time a pundit says, "This must be an area of bipartisanship"...well, you know what the Repugs do in response).

In particular (from another story on this topic - I didn't include the link since it will eventually expire)...

"It's not about making our children healthy and active," said Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., the top Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee. "We all want to see our children healthy and active. This is about spending and the role of government and the size of government — a debate about whether we're listening to our constituents or not."
Just remember, however, that tax cuts for millionaires are utterly sacrosanct (here, and speaking of child neglect in this country, this tells us that we rank 23rd in the world in infant mortality).

But of course, then as now, when it comes to the Repugs, "tax cuts are their Jesus"...

Update 12/2/10: More here (with the Kline quote, more or less)...

...and I didn't expect to get into the holiday stuff this early, but the "festival of lights" is upon us once more (and we're about to hit "Do-Gooders and Dregs" territory, by the way - the file keeps getting bigger every year, and this is no exception).

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