Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Stuff

Gee, how many ways do I detest Evan Bayh at this moment?

He criticized “far left-wing blogs” for attacking his bogus spending freeze idea here, he said that Obama raised taxes here (he didn’t), and he attempted to establish some sort of senatorial “Blue Dog” coalition here (and as we know, that idea has worked so well in the House, hasn't it?).

And now, four days before the deadline of 2/19 for entering the Senatorial election, he’s done a good job of making some Democrat(s) scramble to get into the race by then, while the Repugs already have two nominees not named Mike Pence ready to run. And all the while, Bayh thumbs his nose at the supposed “partisanship” that made it sooo unattractive for him to serve, apparently.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that we’re finally rid of him without having a solid Dem in place (as in Connecticut, with Dodd bowing out in favor of Richard Blumenthal), or the fact that this Senate seat will now probably flip to the “R” column with Bayh whining “I told you so.”

Bayh is now what he has always been – a coward. Nothing more (and Atrios is right – Bayh will never be president…also, David Corn makes a good point below about no one controlling the narrative at this point).

(And I won’t be able to come up with any more bad puns using his name either.)

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“Worst Persons” (Dan Quayle, another genius from the Hoosier State, gives us some more crackpot history on the filibuster – I can almost hear the ghost of Lloyd Bentsen saying in the background, “You’re no Jack Kennedy”…51 votes in the House, huh? Way too damn funny; somebody named Joshua Vasquez allegedly tried to deface a door near the meeting room housing L.A. County Sheriff's deputies and police officers training to back up each other during an arrest – “just say ‘oops’ and get out,” as Max Bialystock once said; but Dick Morris gets the nod here for, in essence, accusing Dubya of treason – K.O. explains)…

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...and Keith is a lot kinder to the teabaggers here than I would ever be in his "Special Comment"...

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...and Indiana may want Bayh and Quayle, but I'm not sure anybody else does at this moment.


Anonymous said...

I am not sorry to see him go, but his timing is lousy.

Maybe its spiteful.

doomsy said...

Something else that's unbelievable about the Bayh story is that he'd collected, I believe, about $13 million in campaign funds, and he was easily outpolling his Republican challenger (Coats, I believe). But no, he wanted to do the same thing Lieberman did and stick it to those dern liberal bloggers such as yours truly (well, the "A" listers anyway). However, as Keith noted, Bayh's attendance was spotty as it was, and he didn't even care enough any more to make a speech every now and then. The guy has the cushiest gig in the world and decides to kick it to the curb - go figure.