Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

"Worst Persons" (that supposed political genius Karl Rove, whose party has had its proverbial clock cleaned in the last two elections, lectures Obama on naming the "right" Supreme Court nominee, forgetting completely the fiasco with Harriet Miers, dubbed by Bill Maher as Hazel The Cleaning Lady; Bill Orally tries to use the excuse of Bruce Springsteen paying homage to Pete Seeger as another moment of supposed America-hating by "the radical left," or whatever Fix Noise is calling us this week; but the winner (speaking of the Faux TV Nutwork) is Rupert Murdoch, whose media holdings in News Corp are sinking like the proverbial stone...aaaarrgghh, avast ye maties - swab the poopdeck lest ye all walk the plank!!)...

...and speaking also of The Boss, this song was always a "fave" of mine; I only saw it on a five-disc live album in the '80s, though it sadly is every bit as topical today as it was then.

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