Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

An all-timer of a "Worst Persons" on "Countdown," getting top billing for a change tonight (Michele Bachmann rates almost a nightly citation anymore - yeah, I think "Hoot Smalley" played third base for the Cleveland Indians in 1915...uh huh; what a shame that Rupert The Pirate's circ on the New York Post is down 20 and a half percent - aaarrggghhh! Man the mainsails, Starbuck!; but congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina gets "Worst Of The Year" so far for saying that the hate crime of Matthew Shepard's murder was a myth - almost too repugnant for words)...

Update 4/30/09: This is "three-quarters of a loaf" as apologies go, but it's something...but on second thought, not good enough, and blaming ABC News is ridiculous.

Update 5/7/09: Maybe Foxx made amends here - let's hope so anyway.

...and in honor that the "100 day" observance is now over, let's have at it (this is LOUD).

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