Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Stuff

Thank you, Senator Durbin, for these words and your dedication on the "cramdown," though many of your colleagues (Tester, the "NE" Nelson, Baucus, Lincoln of course, Carper of course even more, and that brand new "Democrat" Arlen Specter, among others - and I'm sorry, but Tim Johnson doesn't get a pass any more just because he was sick) need to find out at what point they sold their consciences and any notion of constituent service whatsoever to the "banksters" (h/t Eschaton, here and here)...

...and how pathetic is it that Joe Scar is actually the voice of reason here (this gives me cause to worry a bit also - if that asshat thinks it's no big deal, I mean)...

...I thought Jon Stewart had a nice look at Snarlin' Arlen's "conversion" and the whole "Obama 100 Day" media feeding frenzy...

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...and I dedicate this song to the "banksters" and their supporters - really going back for this one; watch out for those pesky stones in your glass houses.

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