Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday PM Stuff

I think this is one of the most sensible explanations for a FULLY DISCLOSED earmark that I've ever heard from (shockingly) a Republican (Bucks County Courier Times Editorial Board, among others, please take note); the summary is provided here by Senator Bob Bennett of Utah, which he is trying to communicate to Fox hairdo Megyn Kelly, truly one of the stupidest people on the planet; Bennett makes the point at least twice that the money was appropriated by his committee anyway so it would have been spent regardless and there wasn't enough time to debate about allocating the funds for cricket eradication (and by the way, the earmarks in the omnibus spending bill amount to about 2 percent of the total funds, let's not forget).

"Pay to play" for cricket eradication...what, are the crickets going to conspire on bribing Bennett with a jaunt to a ski lodge so he'll be inclined to disallow the earmark? Truly stupid even for Fix Noise...

Update 3/11/09: Jeebus, what an airhead (here - and here is the reality-based point of view)...

...a now, for a musical interlude.


Anonymous said...

Clearly another glossy lipped know nothing trying to impress viewers with her complaint that the allocation was not "debated" despite a very enlightening explanation of the process.
What these people really need is a lesson on how congress works, what the processes are and why there are committees.
I am so sick of the discussion about earmarks because it implies all earmarks are pork.
Why should the people in New York care about eradicating crickets?
Maybe when they go to the grocery store and can't buy the plastic bag of salad or the strip steak they will understand food does not come from food markets, it comes from farms and ranches.

doomsy said...

Indeed - thanks for checking in.