Monday, March 09, 2009

A "Benefit" Of Bushco Subterfuge

Gosh, I’m just so shocked that one of Bushco’s most notorious legal henchmen finds himself in a position where he has to scramble in an effort to find a job like many of us peons he continually sneered at for eight long years (noted here).

Well, not to worry; I’m only too happy to offer some suggestions.

This tells us that excavation contractors in the U.S. expected to find employment as of January of last year, an industry for which David Addington should be well suited as he is someone proficient in dealing with “dirt” (as noted here where, by definition, he and the other legal “godfather” of our prior regime, Torture Yoo, claimed that John McCain wasn’t tortured; despite my numerous disagreements with the Arizona senator, he has more courage in his little finger than Dubya and his miscreants had in their whole bodies).

Also, I think this story would be worth a look by Addington, which tells about how the pirates operating off the coast of Somalia have plundered ships with near impunity; while I realize Addington might have an issue trying to pass himself off as a raider of this type, I’m sure a man as resourceful as he is could emigrate to that nation and establish himself as a person of influence working on their behalf. After all, Somalia is widely considered to be a “failed state” that would benefit from the strong hand of a “unitary executive,” and this time around, Addington might be able to put his theory to practice to benefit himself as opposed to some politically lucky Republican governor of Texas.

But I must tell you that I think Addington would be best suited for the work described here, which is that of a “repo man,” reclaiming items of value (principally cars) from people who are down on their luck. In this way, he would be trying to salvage something of worth which, though not his legal career per se doing this type of a job, would be his prospects for gainful employment anywhere (much like the Obama Administration will be trying to salvage the notion of the constitutional separation of powers so very nearly destroyed by Addington and his cohorts).

And as far as I’m concerned, here’s another reason (from the article)…

…with the downturn in the economy total annual repossessions are supposed to increase by at least five percent…a lot of repo men are put on the street with little or know (sic) training. They have little understanding of the law.
I think we have a winner!

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