Sunday, January 18, 2009

Closing This Ugly Chapter

We made it, ladies and gentlemen.

As DHinMI of The Daily Kos tells us here, as of 5 PM EST last Friday (and considering that Monday is a federal holiday for MLK day), the foul, fetid Bushco reign is over.

Seriously (too relieved to feel like celebrating – yet).

So, with that in mind, I’d like to present my “The Case Against Dubya” links one final time before all of that HTML code ends up in the Recycle bin:

  • K.O., bless his heart, called for Dubya and Cheney to resign in 2007 here over the matter of the commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence (wow, spank my butt and call me Charlie, but I though Libby would be pardoned by now).

  • This tells us of the impeachment resolution passed by the Vermont State Senate in April 2007 (showing more spine than anyone in the U.S. Congress).

  • Here is "The Best War Ever" also.

  • On the fifth anniversary, here’s K.O. telling us again that Bush owes us an apology for 9/11 (here's a bit of trivia for the record; Patrick McGoohan, who just left us, was born on March 19th, the day the Iraq war began in 2003).

  • This tells us the cost of "staying the course."

  • And I'm sure those "reformers" in Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Palestine (Hamas) were happy about this.

  • Here’s a more egregious example of the “Liar in Chief” at work in an exchange with Helen Thomas, one of the truly few Beltway journos with any guts, as recounted by georgia10 of The Daily Kos.

  • Oh, and remember all of those “Bush Bounce” stories that started popping up after Katrina when our political-media-industrial complex realized that Commander Codpiece’s approval ratings were tanking? So does Eric Boehlert here.

  • And here is Dubya being “worshipped” by the kids at “Jesus Camp” (ugh…).

  • Here are the “14 Points of Fascism” from the “Old American Century” web site (hits Dubya where he lives, intentionally so).

  • Here is how Dubya embraced “sacrifice” as nothing more than a buzzword after he rejected the findings of the Iraq Study Group and went full steam ahead with the “surge” (and once more, any success is due in part to the brave men and women of our military, but also due to the “Sunni Awakening” and the ethnic cleansing in that country which has been pretty much ignored by our corporate media.)

  • And as part of the “splurge,” this tells us how President Non-Stop Military Photo Ops put a gag order on troops at Fort Benning, GA who were getting ready to ship out to Mesopotamia.

  • Paul Krugman tells us here of how Dubya (and the Repugs in general) use a campaign of distraction and disenfranchisement to perpetuate income inequality.

  • This tells us how that worm Douglas Feith (working for Rummy at the Pentagon) browbeat our intelligence analysts to make them tell him what he wanted to hear, all for the goal of selling the Iraq war (and other stuff).

  • This presents a graph showing Dubya’s approval rating falling off the proverbial cliff.

  • This tells us how Dubya threatened to veto a pay raise for our military, as well as military widow benefits.

  • Among other things, this tells us more on Dubya’s pitiful record of job creation.

  • This tells us of those representing us and those in our military who covered for Dubya (including Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, who should know better).

  • This New York Times Op-Ed by Adam Cohen tells us that Dubya (or a ruler like him) was truly the worst nightmare of those brave men and women who founded our country.

  • This Op-Ed by Frank Rich tells us about some of the insidious media manipulation by Dubya and his ruling cabal.

  • This tells us that Dubya met with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar in February 2003 and told him that the U.S. would go to war with Iraq to disarm Saddam Hussein with or without a U.N. resolution (truly the act of a madman).

  • Paul Krugman makes the case here of how Dubya is a true “movement conservative.”

  • Here, Commander Codpiece criticizes Congress for taking a vacation, which is funny considering that he took more vaca days than any other president.

  • Dubya blames Congress again for the mess he largely created, with Turkey choosing to act based on the mess he created (note: we’re now talking about the Dem 110th, here, as opposed to the Repug 109th that game him everything he and “Deadeye Dick” wanted, so…).

  • Here, profmarcus tells us that George McGovern urged Dubya’s impeachment a year ago (h/t Atrios).

  • More economic woes from Dubya are noted here.

  • Kagro X of The Daily Kos tries to give us some idea of the damage wrought by Bushco here (a truly tall order).

  • This tells us about Dubya’s pitiful record of job creation.

  • Oh, and remember when the unemployment rate was only 4.9 percent here (and even THAT didn’t tell the whole story?)

  • This tells us that Dubya is officially the most unpopular president in Gallup Poll history (I wasn’t making that up all this time, in case anyone was wondering about that).

  • This shows how voters have trended towards the Dems and away from the Repugs (heckuva job, Dubya).

  • This tells us how our corporate media sugarcoated Dubya’s terrible approval numbers (calling them “extraordinary stable”…please).

  • This tells us how our “dear friends” the Israelis decided to engage in direct negotiations with Syria, in opposition to what Dubya wanted of course (as if Israel cared).

  • This tells us how Dubya (who never saw overseas combat, let’s not forget) urged our forces in Iraq to “kick ass” and “This Vietnam stuff, this is not even close. It is a mind-set. We can't send that message. It's an excuse to prepare us for withdrawal."

    Obnoxious, war mongering little shit…

  • Via Atrios, McClatchy tells us here that, in so many words, Dubya and Cheney are war criminals (and there you are).

  • Here’s a link to Vincent Bugliosi’s book "The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder."

  • This tells us that Dubya is the least popular president since polling began.

  • This tells us how Sarko actually “scored a point” on Putin by maligning Dubya.

  • This tells us of more Interior Department shenanigans and more “burrowing” of Bushco acolytes into federal jobs (by the way, I read a New York Times analysis in 2002 that reported GAO findings that the “W” letters were removed from some keyboards, but I tend to side with mcjoan here; that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t an “urban legend”).

  • I would call this pretty conclusive proof that Dubya was “off the wagon” for awhile (probably a hat tip to Atrios for this).

  • In this interview, Bob Woodward tells us just how lazy Dubya truly is.

  • This tells us how Dubya’s CPSC allowed toxic toys onto the shelves of our stores due to a technicality, in violation of a Congressional law.

  • This tells us of an executive order from Dubya that denies collective bargaining rights to about 8,600 federal employees who work in law enforcement, intelligence and other agencies responsible for national security.

  • You can just add this to the “legacy”; the highest number of jobless claims in a generation.

  • And here’s another Dubya lie: his claim that he never said the Taliban was eliminated (au contraire).

  • This tells us of Dubya’s damnable “conscience” rule whereby medical providers could decide not to provide treatment “that they believe violates their personal, moral or religious beliefs.”

  • Of all the words that could be associated with a president, somehow I don’t Dubya would prefer this one.

  • Joe Galloway of McClatchy gives Dubya the sendoff he deserves here.

  • This tells us of yet another pissy, agitated response in the face of the truth from this miscreant and his minions, this time when confronted with his role in the subprime mortgage debacle (and accuses the Times of “Cherry picking” information; as kos would say, “pot, meet kettle”).

  • Bob Herbert of the New York Times tells us here exactly how we should be acting now that Dubya is all but gone.

  • This tells us the sad tale of Bush’s last year, by the numbers.

  • The Daily Kos and Glenn Greenwald give us “An Eight-Year Case Study In Lying And Ignorance” here (and get ready for the neocon hosannas from Krauthammer and his foul ilk now that President Brainless is practically a memory).

  • And Paul Krugman tells us that “forgive and forget” is simply not an option here.
  • And here is Keith Olbermann on Dubya's "legacy" once more, for the record.

    And let's not forget "Deadeye Dick" also, people.

    And in song, what could be a more appropriate sendoff than this little number: "Goodbye Mr. President, It's Time For You To Go" by bluesman Mem Shannon.

    Update 1 1/19/09: And OF COURSE the Israelis stand by Dubya while everyone else in the reality-based community gives him one final shot here; after all, our proxy war for them in Iraq created another target for the Arabs besides themselves.

    So how do they pay us back? By bombing Gaza into the Stone Age, while they keep building those damn settlements in spite of everything.

    I hope Obama has enough of a spine to tell the "children of David" what they can do with themselves, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Update 2 1/19/09: "Fart jokes and war" indeed.


    Anonymous said...

    wow, a tour de force post! If America survives Bush's attempt to destroy it, it will be a miracle indeed! Let us hope Bush's alcoholism becomes more and more visible once he is retired so that the historians realize that 2 raging alcoholics were running the country, it explains a lot, imho.

    doomsy said...

    Yep, alcohol and probably some blow too, considering some of the actions of these characters over the last eight years.

    I'm just trying to "leave everything in the road," as kos would say - thanks.