Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Patrick Murphy Note

For Bucks County, PA folk, just a quick note that Patrick Murphy will be appearing at the Lower Makefield Farmer’s Market at Edgewood and Heacock Roads at 4:45 this Thursday August 7th…please tell a friend.


Anonymous said...

"Thoughtful and rigorous debate might be the ultimate moral act."

Your tagline encourages debate yet you refuse to debate Tom Manion on energy? Ask Nancy Pelosi if it's OK Patrick. What are you afraid of?

doomsy said...

I know of no actual evidence to support that accusation.

Anonymous said...

And just what is Manion's positon on energy...specifically what is his PLAN?

doomsy said...

I'll go you one better than that - what is Manion's plan on ANYTHING??!! When does he state any opinion whatsoever where it isn't an answer to a question by a reporter? And no, I have no desire to watch a six-minute video of his heroic son.

And another thing; does Manion have a campaign web site out there somewhere? If he does, I can't find it, and I tried a few different Google searches. All I found was something called Bucks Right with Patrick Murphy's head on a zucchini (real professsional).

This may be the strangest, supposedly legitimate candidacy for the U.S. Congress that I've ever seen (since Allyson Schwartz opposed the guy riding the elephant anyway).