Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Stuff

If you think you already detest KBR/Halliburton, get a load of this (and this)...

...and I have a feeling that Jonathan Turley was shocked to realize what he was saying, but he's absolutely right.


Anonymous said...

His frustration is palpable. The congress, democratic led, is derelict in it's duty. He never thought this day would come, neither did many of us, but they are complicit in the trashing of the constitution by letting the crimes of the president and his administration go unpunished. If it takes an international tribunal to punish the criminals then "bring it on".
I feel like I am in a nightmare from which I cannot wake up.

doomsy said...

It took awhile for me to reply to this because I was dealing with comments pertaining to a two-year-old post, but I feel the way you do. And if and when we ever see the day, an international tribunal should point out that our Congresses were rubber stamps for these cretins, and those bodies should be excoriated in the court of international opinion also.

By the way, Frank Rich's column in the 7/13 New York Times is spot-on concerning this and other matters; well done, but still the stuff of nightmares.