Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cockroaches Mount A Counterattack

Not much to say here, but only a reminder that the ideological goons at Freedom’s Watch have definitely not gone away – quite the opposite in fact, as noted here…

According to its website, the organization's four "core issue areas" are:

• The dangers of radical Islam and the emerging Iranian threat
• Advancing a conservative agenda and market-based solutions to pressing domestic problems
• Standing up to Big Labor's radical agenda
• Preventing the degeneration of our society by stopping the legalization of controlled substances.

"While initial reports suggested a budget of $200 million, people who have talked to the group in recent weeks say the figure is closer to $250 million, more than double the amount spent by the largest independent liberal groups in the 2004 election cycle," the Washington Post reported. "There is a sense among those contributing to Freedom's Watch that MoveOn powerfully filled a void in the left, that rallied support in the left, that raised money from the left, that mobilized the left," (Ari) Fleischer (pictured) told the Post.
So as you can see, the FW lickspittles have moved beyond mere warmongering and are now trying to attack a broad menu of left wing causes (real or imagined, and it’s hard to tell sometimes with these characters).

The group’s clout, however, is a fact. And one of its most noticeable propagandists is familiar in these parts…

A year ago, (Ed) Patru, then the House Republican Conference spokesman, attacked Pennsylvania Democrat and Iraq War veteran Patrick Murphy, who had spoken out on the need to end the war in Iraq. According to the blog Brendan Calling, Patru sent out the following quotes (with Patru's commentary) from freshman Rep. Murphy:

Mr. Murphy said in a speech on the House floor Tuesday: "I served in Baghdad from June of 2003 to January of 2004, walking in my own combat boots, I saw firsthand this administration's failed policy in Iraq."

That is true. Mr. Murphy, according to his Web site, served with the 82nd Airborne in Iraq.

However, Republicans dug up a quote from Mr. Murphy in the Widener University School of Law Magazine, Fall 2004 edition.

There, Capt. Murphy said: "We are really making a difference here in Baghdad. These people haven't had a sense of justice in such a long time. We're rebuilding schools and parks, and I am working with the Baghdad judiciary on rebuilding their court system ... For those of us who joined the legal profession to make a difference, this sure is the place."

In an attempt to find out more about his record of service, Brendan Calling phoned Patru's office:

No one could connect me to Patru, but a person named Shane spoke to me. Had Patru ever served in the military? Shane wasn't sure. Had Patru served in Iraq? Shane was pretty sure that wasn't the case. How old was Ed Patru? Shane didn't know. Was he over 42, was he past the maximum age of enlistment? Shane didn't know. Did Patru support the war in Iraq? Shane couldn't answer for his boss.
Of course not – Patru had already put his message out there. Why should he have felt any need to explain further?

Thus goes the M.O. of the Freedom’s Watch cockroaches, living up to their foul pedigree by flourishing in garbage (including this cretin, let’s not forget).


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linked this up on the Freedom's Watch Newsladder, a site dedicated to letting America know what this dishonest front group is doing - freedomswatch.newsladder.net. thanks!

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