Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Man’s Obsession

If David Broder has a “thing” for Hillary Clinton, I really wish he would just be honest and admit it (and give everyone a good laugh in the process).

As a birthday present of sorts to The Dean Of Beltway Journalism (yes, Broder was born on September 11th, which is oddly appropriate since this exercise of navel gazing masquerading as a column is an utter disaster), I thought I’d note Broder’s latest invasion of the marriage of the one-time first couple here.

His latest is actually a review of the book about Hillary Clinton by Carl Bernstein, which I’m sure is very interesting. Border summarizes key points in his column, and ends with this observation…

But one thing is absolutely clear. Her marriage is the central fact in her life, and this partnership of Bill and Hillary Clinton is indissoluble. She cannot function without him, and he would not have been president without her. If she becomes president, he will play as central a role in her presidency as she did in his. And that is something the country will have to ponder.
What I’m about to say about Hillary Clinton is unfair, and though I don’t believe it, I apologize in advance.

Through absolutely no fault of her own, she is going to have the devil’s own time trying to remove the perception from too many people in this country that she can’t be president without her husband. That’s not fair to her, since she’s a more able legislator and public servant than most of the men in Washington or anywhere else in this country. And all she can do is be herself, and that should be good enough (I should emphasize, though, that my support for John Edwards is unwavering among the field of Dem presidential hopefuls), but it would be sickening to see people sway towards Rudy! if somehow it ends up being those two simply because of his gender.

And Broder is playing on that, though this piece of nonsense from him is less invasive than some of his other dreck about the Clintons, including the column Media Matters notes here where Broder (and his fellow corporate media drones) basically ignored the substance of a speech by Hillary Clinton and focused instead on her “lemon-yellow pants suit.”

Broder, you’re not a terribly good book reviewer, and you’re not much of a critique of fashion. Stick to doing what you know (and what exactly is that at this point, anyway?).

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