Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Repug Roundup

Some wise letters in the Bucks County Courier Times this morning...

Little Ricky Santorum is again attempting to reinvent himself in an election year so that it appears he represents the views of most Pennsylvanians instead of the extreme partisans that he really represents.

It is quite obvious that he is controlled by the religious right as was shown in the Schiavo tragedy. He has the honor of being the only senator to go to Florida in an attempt to shore up the base. Most Americans, let alone Pennsylvanians, agree that this whole affair should have been kept within the family rather than being made into a political circus. Ricky must have wanted to be the ringmaster.

Little Ricky also is so well connected to lobbyists that it would make more sense for him to be called the Senator from K Street, especially since he does not live in Pennsylvania anyway.

The lobbyists furnish most of the money for his campaigns and can always be certain they have a friend in Pennsylvania.

As far as his views on women are concerned, they would have been in the mainstream in 1940. Things have changed and women do work outside of home whether Santorum likes it or not.

Finally, his subservient approach to the Imperial Presidency of George has enabled this pretender to do things that it will take many years to fix. Just because someone would be king is no reason to support all he does, especially considering George may be one of the least suited of our presidents to aspire to this position.

Neil Poppel
Newtown Township, PA
And don’t think I’m going to forget Mikey today…

I am a registered Democrat and my wife is a registered Republican. This way, my household gets all of the propaganda that both parties flood the postal service with at taxpayers’ expense.

One such brochure came in the mail recently from Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, the Republican running for Congress. Fitzpatrick is desperately trying to separate himself from George W. Bush by saying “no” to Bush’s “stay the course” strategy. He also says no to Patrick Murphy’s “cut and run” approach.

First of all, I have never heard Murphy say “cut and run.” This is just a cliché used by the Republican Party. After all, Fitzpatrick doesn’t even know what “cut and run” means because he has never been there in the first place (the military service).

Sorry, Mike, you can’t have it both ways. After all, Dick Cheney filled Fitzpatrick’s piggy bank at Spring Mill Country Club when he was first elected. He has been a Bush “yes man” from the very beginning, no matter how he tries to disguise it. You don’t get a pocket full of money from the big boys without delivering the goods.

Gary Johnson
Upper Southampton, PA

From the moment he took the oath of office, Mike Fitzpatrick should have stood up for his constituents by taking strong positions against Social Security privatization and Bush’s failed policy in Iraq. Instead, he sided with George W. Bush in supporting both.

Now, just months before an election, he wants to fool us into believing that he now opposes Bush. But take a close look at his “position” on Iraq and you will see that Fitzpatrick is still very much in the Bush camp. Fitzpatrick still supports keeping the troops in Iraq indefinitely, he just doesn’t use the term “stay the course” anymore. But simply changing a few words won’t change the mess we have in Iraq.

The failed approach of Fitzpatrick and Bush (no matter what you call it) doesn’t work. It’s time for a real change; a change in policy and leadership, not just wording.

Lauren Benhamou
Northampton, PA
I second, third, and fourth all previously expressed sentiments (though I honestly don’t see too much propaganda in any of the Democratic mailers I’ve received, but I’ll concede that point to the author).

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