Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snow In April

I’ll state from the top again that I hope Tony Snow is free of any cancer that had afflicted him previously. That being said, though, I should comment on the news that he will replace Scott McClellan as White House press secretary by providing links here and here to previous unflattering quotes from Snow about Bushco, the Repug congress, and the Democrats, Harry Reid in particular. If anything, I think we can look forward to Snow being more pugnacious and openly hostile than McClellan, who was merely borderline confrontational, evasive and totally disingenuous.

By the way, if Snow is wondering why Reid would choose not to confirm "a nice guy" like John Roberts, I think this provides at least part of the answer.

(I have to give Snow credit for coming up with a new “winger” catch phrase – I’d never heard the term “Moonbat Grotto” before…the bile just never stops from them, does it?)

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