Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kenny Boy, "The Joint" Is Calling

(I’m picturing an Irish tenor crooning at this moment, though not a soul is weeping.)

I guess this was inevitable; I mean, whether we’re talking about a dictatorial politician or a corporate crook, either way we’re eventually going to see an attack strategy of one type or another when cornered.

Should I actually feel sorry for Ken Lay? Of course not. And to prove it, here is a little reminder of how Enron “gamed” the California energy market, as well as the effect on pensioners who held Enron stock as a security in their retirement plans.

And here’s more interesting information on just how far back the connections go between the Bushes and Ken Lay.

Get ready to spend the vast majority of your remaining years, as well as your fortune, negotiating through the criminal justice system of this country, you lowlife.

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