Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Stuff

For the record, this is Cheri Bustos, Democratic Party U.S. House Member from Illinois.

Also, she is absolutely driving me nuts with solicitation Emails and phone calls (home and cell) to support her campaign for re-election.

Let’s see now, Cheri Bustos…why is that name familiar again?

Oh yeah, it’s because she partnered with our very own Mikey the Beloved in this “No Labels” idiocy over at least the last two years. You know…pretending to be a Sensible Centrist™ even though she is, in fact, a version of Republican Lite (more here).

So guess what, Cheri Bustos? I hope you lose your election. And stop asking me for money, because I’m not giving you a dime!

Yeah, that means one less Dem in a contest where we need all the Dems we can get, I know. But with “Democrats” like Bustos, we’d be better off with the wretched status quo we already have.

Back to the videos - and all I have to say in response to this is buen trabajo, Tim Kaine (in the clip below, Kaine joined the filibuster by Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut in favor of common sense gun reform - can't track down the rest of what Kaine said, but I think you can get the gist from the clip)...

...and kudos to the NBA for this (and Pat McCrory’s utterly predictable, and stupid, temper tantrum of a response is here)...

…and I think this utterly idiotic GMO labeling law is par for the course with this wretched Congress…

…and here’s something a little dreamy and ethereal in the spirit of the season.

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