Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday Stuff

By the way, I have something to say about any self-proclaimed pundit of any political affiliation who indulges in the equivalent of navel gazing about his or her preferred presidential candidate and then laments about how tiresome the electoral process is in this country (which it is):

If you’re wasting column or online pixel space engaging in this exercise instead of devoting space to REAL people dealing with REAL issues instead, then stop whining, because YOU are part of the problem too.

…and I know there are Republicans out there who will ABSOLUTELY LOSE THEIR MINDS if you point out to them that their party wins in no small part by voter disenfranchisement; too f*cking bad…own it, wingnuts...and one more thing, for the benefit of the host of this video - EVERY VOTE DOES COUNT!…

…and in the latest “horse race” political news, all I can say in response to these obscene sums of money is – THANK YOU JOHN ROBERTS (tongue in cheek of course) for this

...and for PA-08 folks, to do more to help, click here

…and I give you another installment of “This Day In Doomsy History” (more or less), with a video from 4/16/12 in which the “party of Lincoln” tried a subliminal advertising trick aimed at Number 44; as we know, though, the Repugs are the real “Mad Men”…

…and, in a story timed for “4/20,” it looks like our neighbors to the north are moving forward with national legalization of pot; personally, I’ve always favored decriminalization, but it’s a “vox populi” kind of thing…

…and I honestly didn’t know “4/20” was a thing – can’t think of a more apropos tune than this one.

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