Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Wednesday Stuff

Concerning yesterday’s elections – this report tells us about the three conservative education board members in Colorado who tried to alter history textbooks and were voted out; hooray for our side (here)…

…and Al Jazeera America tells us about disabled workers paid below the minimum wage at “sheltered workshops” (I guess, though, that it’s just “big gumint socialism” to suggest a state or federal subsidy to offset the difference between the legal and sub-minimum wage – and Andrew Cuomo continues to be not just an utterly wretched Democrat, but an utterly wretched politician in general)…

…and of course, given the most recent activity of too many (but not ALL) cops in this country, there’s only one course of action available, and that of course is to blame filmmaker Quentin Tarantino – riiiiight

…and turning to our beloved commonwealth, congratulations to just-elected Supreme Court justices David Wecht, Kevin Dougherty and Christine Donohue, along with brand new member of the Pennsbury School Board T.R. Kannan and John Lewis and Judi Reiss, with the latter two just elected to the board of Lower Makefield Supervisors.

However, Charlie Martin eked out yet another fairly close victory to maintain the Republican majority on the Bucks County Board of Commissioners, helped in part by yet another full-page ad appearing in the Bucks County Courier Times featuring “Mikey The Beloved” Fitzpatrick also (who that paper positively fawns over, by the way…and yes, I would be just as miffed if this happened for a Democrat; no newspaper should accept advertising from a political party…EVER).

I guess that means that it is time for this song once more.

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