Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Stuff

(Yes, I can assure you that I am indeed aware of the latest gun-related horror. And I don't know how the hell those life forms in Washington, D.C. in Congress can still continue to do NOTHING in response.)

By the way, there's a theme to these first three videos - see if you can guess what it is (yes, this clip is about a week old, I know - it took me that long to watch all of it without throwing up - here - Update 8/27/15: And with this in mind, by the way.)...

...and Cenk's completely justifiable outrage, mainly during the last minute or so, makes this clip NSFW, but if he didn't say that stuff over this awful story, I probably would; this has to do with those two clowns in Boston who urinated on the homeless guy and also beat him with a pole (oh, sorry - "allegedly") and claimed to be "inspired" by The Donald...

Update 8/27/15: And by the way, following up on Cenk, this to me is the very definition of "white privilege" (my guess is that Daniels watches a lot of Fox "News").

…and yes, it’s time once more for “This Day In Doomsy History,” but this time with a “two-fer”: first, I give you more indignation aimed at The Roger Ailes BS Factory from Chris Hayes, dated 8/23/13…

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Update 8/27/15: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose (here).

…and second, I still dig this Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tune from 8/26/10 (I’ll return to more contemporary selections one of these days, I promise).

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