Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Stuff

Kudos to Tom Harkin for speaking truth to stoo-pid here...

…and based on this, it looks like PA’s governor Tom “Space Cadet” Corbett isn’t going to help set up the health care exchanges mandated by health care reform and will rely on the Feds to do it instead, just like every other Repug governor (don’t know of any exceptions), even though he said he would do so in November last year, as noted here.

(By the way, let this whole episode over the health care law be a lesson, now and forever and always, to NEVER EVER EVER work with a Repug on an issue of governance that affects a large percent of this country. I say that because the Affordable Care Act was patterned after Willard Mitt Romney’s health care law in Massachusetts, which came ultimately from the uber-conservative Heritage Foundation – and yes, I know I’ve already said this stuff many, many times. Conversely, Obama could have ended up with “Medicare For All” instead which probably would have had a much easier chance of passing Congress, and it would have relied on a model that already worked. But no, Number 44 tried to work with the opposition – a laudable instinct, but the other side will never play fair, particularly on “big ticket” issues like this, unless it means $$ for their benefactors, of course.)

Getting back to Corbett, as noted here, he has some pretty bizarre notions of what constitutes good health care anyway (a lot of what he says here actually makes sense, shockingly enough, though the real garbage starts at about 3:00 - if Corbett didn't know that the ultrasound bill mandated that a woman be forced to watch, then he's a bigger idiot than I thought...wish I could find that clip of Keith Olbermann talking to Patrick Murphy about this awhile back - I'll keep looking)…

…turning to the seasonal stuff, this is just a reminder to hold your liquor well and try not to hurt yourself as you stumble home…

…and on Mr. S.’s birthday, I give you this.

Update 12/13/12: Sorry for the weird spacing on the Harkin thing - had to make an accommodation for Google Chrome...looks different in IE, I now realize.

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