Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Did you hear the one about “No Corporate Tax” Pat Toomey wanting “offsets” for disaster relief funding on behalf of victims of Hurricane Sandy (here).

Oh, sorry – it’s no joke, though he is…

…and public TV station WHYY in these parts used to air programs called “Things That Aren’t There Anymore” devoted mainly to local area landmarks; after watching this, don’t be surprised if they produce another one highlighting the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (and the Democrats actually wonder why the “professional left” gets upset with them)…

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…and what a service Piers Morgan is doing to entertain the crazy point of view here…smart for him to just sit back and let the Nugent train wreck happen on its own)…

In response, I give you the following from here
For centuries, Switzerland has had a citizen’s militia instead of a standing army, much like that envisioned by Jefferson and many of the other Founders for America. Every able-bodied male spends a bit of time in the militia and, so the story goes, has a gun in his home.

But the story is wrong, says (gun control researcher Dr. Janet) Rosenbaum. Instead of keeping guns in people’s homes, she told Klein, in Switzerland, “They’ve been moving to keeping the guns in depots. That means they’re not in the household, which makes sense because the literature shows us that if the gun is in the household, the risk goes up for everyone in the household.”

And, interestingly, they’re doing the same thing in Israel. As Rosenbaum told Klein, “In Israel, it used to be that all soldiers would take the guns home with them. Now they have to leave them on base. Over the years they’ve done this—it began, I think, in 2006—there’s been a 60 percent decrease in suicide on weekends among IDS [Israeli] soldiers.”

That’s because there’s a clear correlation between having a gun in the house and the risk of suicide, because suicidal impulses come and go, but if they come when guns are around they’re a lot easier to carry out. And, as in the case in Newtown and most of our mass shootings, to carry out in a way that is made very, very high-profile by being able to kill a bunch of other people at the same time.

We have our priorities totally wrong in the United States.
Uh, yep…

Update: Besides, wasn't Nugent supposed to be dead or in jail or something (here)?

…and there are some tunes I heard that I liked but I wasn’t able to get to while I was featuring the Christmas stuff, and this is one of them.

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