Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Stuff

You know what? Can we just put an end to this charade once and for all?

Here, President Obama utterly busted Willard Mitt Romney on the fact that he has been UNEQUIVOCALLY, THOROUGHLY AND UTTERLY WRONG throughout his ridiculous campaign, not just on foreign policy but on everything else, and all he has to offer in response is, “yeah, well, says you Obama!”

Seriously, people, are we going to continue to see polls about how this election is supposed to still be close? And yes, I know it probably will be until the end, but come on! Who is the adult in the room here and who isn’t?

And to be selfish for a minute, am I going to continue to be deluged with phone calls and Email with every Democrat in the universe putting the bite on me for mo’ and mo’ and mo’ and mo’ money?

After this joke of an election season, every adult in this country who is registered to vote should hound their politicians night and day for public funding of elections exclusively, and 30-day campaign periods with limits on TV appearances. No exceptions. And limit the public funds to Democrats and Republicans, but not for third parties. Deal?

(Yeah, I know, hit the “snooze” button and change the channel…and to help Obama, click here)

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…and by the way, happy birthday to John Wesley Harding (maybe my theme song here – hope not).

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