Monday, May 28, 2012

More Monday Stuff

Considering that the jury in the OMIGOD JOHN EDWARDS IS SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON AND OF COURSE HE’S GUILTY OF CAMPAIGN FINANCE VIOLATIONS FOR PAYING OFF HIS MISTRESS AND THEIR CHILD WITH ILLEGAL MONEY has been deliberating for five days and still hasn’t reached a verdict (allowing for the holiday weekend), is it too early for filthy unkempt liberal blogger types such as yours truly to say that prosecuting Edwards on these charges was a REALLY, REALLY STUPID IDEA AND A WASTE OF MONEY??!!

Yes, that could all change tomorrow. And yes, it’s true that Edwards is guilty in the court of public opinion of really scummy behavior. But there are politicians out there guilty of scummy behavior who have paid no price whatsoever when it comes to their jobs (see Vitter, Dave). And for the reasons Rachel Maddow reminds us of here, The Supreme Court of Hangin’ Judge JR is a hell of a lot more guilty of campaign finance abuse than Edwards ever could be (assuming he isn’t innocent)...

Update 5/30/12: Once more - uh, yep.

Update 5/31/12: Finally over - hallelujah!

...and I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for a bit of hippie-dippie social consciousness, so here goes.

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