Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Stuff

Actually, Representative "Puppy Dog Eyes" from Wisconsin is right, but not in the way he imagines (here)...

...and no, I don't really have a lot to say in response to this either...

...except to wonder if The Sainted Ronnie R would be good enough for his own party if he were still with us (here)...

...though I suppose, when you get down to it, this is all that matters to the former "party of Lincoln" (the name of this song, I mean...and many Dems too, I know).


Anonymous said...

While many read Ayn Rand novels they should read her biography. While she disdains altruism, what description would one give to the immigration policy of this country that allowed her to come here from Russia and prosper as a bit actress and a writer?
She created "objectivism" as a means to live a self indulgent life without the annoyance of a conscience. Rand believed the moral purpose of man was his own self interest and happiness. She was also an atheist which permitted her to live without religious moral obligations. She believed she owed nothing to anyone, except herself.
She practiced her belief that ones obligation was to make ones self happy and had a lover in addition to her husband. It was said to be an open marriage. Ironically, when put to the ultimate test, she failed. When her lover divorced his wife and married another woman she threw him under the bus and the foundation he created to promote her ideologies crumbled.
Alan Greenspan embraced her ideology which included "laizzez-faire" economics. He too learned the hard way how wrong she was.

In his testimony before congress about the financial crisis he said his ideology of 40 years was flawed.

Ayn Rand believed man could not be happy unless he was self serving and successful. She believed man could not be altruistic and be happy because self sacrifice wan not in mans best interest. She was wrong.

Her ideology should be rejected, she had been losing support, she was angry with her lover who was practicing what she preached and ditched him, and her husband died, like many self serving selfish people she was not very happy going into old age alone.

doomsy said...

Interesting stuff - thanks a lot.