Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Stuff

By the way, remember that supposedly awful lame duck session of Congress with the Dems before the voters threw them out in a hissy fit? You know, the one where "Man Tan" Boehner said the American people would remember this, or something like that?

Well, it turns out Boehner was actually right, they did remember. And 77 percent of those polled here were perfectly happy with the result (kind of wonders what other good things the Dems would have done had they not been booted out...Chris Hayes, sitting in for K.O. tonight, had a good segment on that - I'll put up the video if I can track it down)...

...and he's good enough, he's smart enough...OK, enough of that - the point is that Senator Franken is exactly right here.

The whole "net neutrality" thing reminds me a bit about the worried cries of all of the "good government" types about the mergers of communications companies in the 90s and how that would be a bad thing, but as usual, everybody laughed at the DFHs and it all happened anyway. Now, stuff like public service announcements, community affairs programs, and - God forbid! - news documentaries are relegated to public access cable TV, in between "Jackass" reruns, infomercials for male enhancement products, and on-demand reruns of "Jersey Shore."

Now, that whole scenario is coming around again, only this time, the corpocracy will control those Internet tubes instead of the TV ones (and, for what it's worth, blogs like this very one will probably die, replaced by something that meets the approval of “the United States of Disney”). That is, unless we do what Al says and sign his petition here.

There's a small chance that we might actually win. But we have no chance at all if we do nothing...

...and when I go looking for serious, intelligent commentary on news stories, including President Obama's great speech at the Tucson service (again, not what I would have said, but that's why he's the president and I'm a filthy, unkempt liberal blogger typing this while downing shorts shops shots of Cuervo...hmmmm...), I inevitably turn to Jon Stewart (here)...

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...and let's hope this song, as spacey as it is, somehow is on the mark.

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