Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday AM Stuff

We in the reality-based community know that, just because of the increased amounts of snow in these parts over the last couple of winters, that doesn't mean that global warming is any less of an issue - actually, Dr. Reese Halter explains how that means that the problem is getting worse ( the way, Sam Seder sitting in for K.O. on "Countdown" did a good report here comparing Obama and Michael Vick to Dubya and Scooter Libby - no video I can embed here yet - the stuff that matters starts at about 2:22; I though the "weather map" bit Seder did here was pretty clever, and if you want a chuckle, stick around to see Rachel Maddow's "light saber")...

...and again, no video here, but I just like the song, so here it is.

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