Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Stuff

More Christmas stuff - here's Bing and Bowie...

...and the former lead singer of Johnny and the Moondogs.


Anonymous said...

My grandson age 6, was in his school pageant on the 23rd.
He attends Blessed Theresa of Calcutta Catholic School in Montgomery County.
The finale was all the children singing this song and it moved me to tears. The childrens voices lend it a true sense of the need for peace in our lives and in the country and the world.
I was so impressed that this song was selected, and after learning the mission of the school, which is to foster and continue the good works of Mother Theresa I got it.

Truly, kindness matters and hope never dies. Thank you to the children and the principal of Blessed Theresa for reinforcing that.

We may be lefties, but we are right. A Blessed New Year to us all.

doomsy said...

That’s a nice story – thanks for sharing. A Blessed New Year to you also.