Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Stuff

OK, so let's do a recap on the absentee ballot application story here in Bucks County to find out where we're at, OK?

On Tuesday the story broke in the Courier Times that 600 absentee ballot applications for this Tuesday's election were rejected (deadline for filing applications is tomorrow). Yesterday, Pat Poprik, Vice Chairwoman of the Bucks County Republican Party, accused Patrick Murphy and the Democrats of "Chicago style politics," which, as I pointed out, was absurd on its face because what she was implying was "voter caging," and it's not logical for the Dems to "cage" other prospective Dem voters (#1 here).

Today, the Patrick Murphy campaign responded, claiming that the Bucks County Republican Party has engaged in a systematic campaign to disenfranchise Democratic voters (of the rejected absentee ballot applications, 82 percent were from Democratic voters). And all the Republicans had to support their specious claim that Democrats were trying to force Republicans to file absentee ballot applications was "testimony" from people who wouldn't even provide their names (#2 here).

Now, here is the latest - the Murphy campaign has filed charges against the GOP-controlled Board of Elections for illegal voter suppression here. And it gets even better; this tells us that the Murphy campaign has obtained a letter sent by Fitzpatrick and "Self" Ciervo instructing recipients on how to commit voter fraud for real.

This is all about to bust wide open, people. In light of this, I have no idea as to whether or not next week's election will yield a fair result, but I'm sure the lawyers will end up living happily ever after.

And with all of this, I think this seasonal tune is highly appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps its time to end the control of the Board of Elections as we know it.

We need a board where it is independent and the country commissioners cannot control anything.

doomsy said...

That sounds good to me.