Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Stuff (updates)

Yeah, Rand, the whole "Aqua Buddha" thing will just disappear over the latest 24-hour news cycle, and that will be it - sure it will (h/t Daily Kos - if you think Paul is full of it and you want to help his opponent, click here)...

...and I sure hope those zany teabaggers don't find out about this song; I'd just hate to give them an anthem of sorts (that probably won't happen, though, now that I think of it, because the song has nothing to do with a birth certificate, "socialism" or threats of violence).

(P.S. - Good for him for standing up on the mosque, by the way, though he does seem to be "walking that back" a bit.)

Update 8/15/10: OK, my bad on the "walk back" thing (here).

Update 1 8/16/10: There are times when Harry Reid is a cowardly gutter snipe, and now is one of those times (here).

Update 2 8/16/10: Talk about a picture saying a million words (here, from a commenter at Balloon Juice - h/t Daily Kos).

Update 8/18/10: Wow - just, wow (never thought I'd see this, unfortunately...h/t Atrios)

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Anonymous said...

Harry Reid's opponent was serving him very well, he just put his foot in his mouth.

Hr is a pandering fool, I never liked him.

The whole argument about this is disgusting.

New bumper sticker:
I am a Patriot and a Christian, get off my lawn.