Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Stuff

This tells us that the Repugs are mad at Obama because's he's taking a vaction in Maine with his family.

This tells us that Obama's predecessor broke the record for vacations by a president, shattering the total of The Sainted Ronnie R (and with two years to go in his second term, no less).

This tells us the word the Repugs should learn all about before they decide to open up their big, fat faces on this subject again.

And on the subject of political videos, I have to admit that I'm surprised that a true fighting Dem like Russ Feingold is having such a scrap with a corporatist Repug like Ron Johnson; this should help (also, check this out)...

...and yep, "Clueless Tom" indeed...

...also, I suppose I haven't featured a "relationship" song in a little while, so here goes, just in time for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Clearly this crap about people not wanting to work while collecting unemployment benefits is more of the assault on the middle class.

The hoarders of wealth want the working class to take jobs that pay less and they should move to wherever they are. Now they should really compete with the illegal aliens for jobs.

So, Mr. Levittown, pack up your wife and kids into the van, sell your house in this market which will be a loss in equity for you, and hit the road. Hey, trade the van for a camper and don't put down roots or become part of a community.

And for you single dads, give up seeing the kids on weekends.

You too must move to wherever you can find work. Hit the road Mack and just mail the check back to the ex.

This is the American way, isn't it?

doomsy said...

It's hard to argue any of that, unfortunately - in their quest to consolidate wealth, corporatist Republicans and chicken Democrats have totally forgotten that no nation/state can compete in the global economy, or build upon its success, without a thriving middle class.