Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Stuff

“Worst Persons” (Some guy in New Zealand likes to crash funerals for free food; Bill Orally and his producer – apparently not one of his stalker dweebs, but an actual “suit” – just can get enough of Hating Teh Gay in France…always trying to latch onto some “values voter” BS like the proverbial drowning man in search of a life preserver; but Repug Gov. Jan Brewer of the “illegal to be brown” state takes top honors for continuing to whine about her father who was sort of killed in Nazi Germany in WWII, except that he died stateside in the 1950s – still, though, LEAVE JAN BREWER ALOOOOONE!!)…

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…and God, what on earth is it with Repug politicians trying to infringe on copyrighted songs – first it’s “Straight Talk” McCain with “Running on Empty,” Charlie Crist with “Road to Nowhere,” and now this!

Update 6/14/10: Welcome to the party, Chuck DeVore (here)!

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