Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Stuff

Kudos to Lee Stranahan for this...

...and this also (more here - Casey and Specter have both said they support the public option)...

"Worst Persons" (somebody donated $10 grand to run bus ads telling atheists to make themselves public, even though the person who ran the ads wants to keep his identity a secret - hey, talk about mixed messages; Flush Limbore predictably attacks Judge Sonia Sotomayor for her ruling in the Ricci firefighters case now that JR and the Supremes have made new law - again - with Limbore of course choosing to ignore the fact that Sotomayor HAD to rule the way she did because Title VII of the Civil Rights Act was still in force in her original ruling before Roberts and his pals gave it a brand new interpretation with this "strong basis in evidence" stuff - I know, waay too much explanation here; but "Joe The Plumber" gets it for threatening to lynch Chris Dodd...throw this idiot's mangy ass in jail)...

...and time to rock (lyrics here).


Anonymous said...

A couple questions for you.

1. How do you feel about your hero's foreign policy decisions so far? I will elaborate.

a. I'll start with the rather mundane yet still awkwardly wrong decisions to get rid of the bust of Churchill and to send that stupid gift to the Queen.

b. Another minor mistake is the anointed ones snub of Sarkozy for dinner. Not the best move for a young new President. I understand arrogance comes with the job but that was a bit much, no?

Now on to the more important things.

c. Lets talk about the long awaited and utterly weak response in support for the democratic protesters over in Iran. Without pushing by your so called "repugs" would have even gotten the weak response we got? Or is the O man too good to be involved in such a delinquent uprising?

d. While North Korea prepares for nuclear war what exactly is he doing aside from pushing healthcare?? Again, he's new on the job I get it. But why? Why? Why? Can we please handle this situation. I have relatives in Hawaii.

e. And finally. This adds the icing on the cake. The Messiah has joined the likes of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro by coming out instantly against the coup in Honduras. Lets get it straight. A President is trying to essentially become a dictator. The military removes this man from office. And while we can't support innocent voters in Iran who are getting gunned day each day, we can easily support this scumbag from Honduras.

The world wonders...

doomsy said...

I seem to recall reading something about the Churchill bust awhile back. Yep, I think Obama might want a “do-over” there, but I will say that he spent time in Kenya growing up, which endured British colonialism (and Winnie, as great as he was, was big into “the sun setting on the British Empire” and all that). Maybe Obama holds a grudge over that, but maybe he doesn’t – who can say? And my understanding about the iPod loaded with his speeches for the Queen is that she specifically requested that of him.

I don’t recall reading about the Sarkozy snub, but I’ll admit it could have happened. However, I definitely read about how Sarkozy blew it by not inviting the British royal family to the recent D-Day remembrance, and I read that Obama interceded there to make sure they were represented (the Queen and Prince Philip lived through the London bombings in WWII and they both got “blown off” – good one, Sarko…I believe Prince Charles attended).

And about the Iran thing, I have to ask what else Obama was expected to do. Of course, Dubya would have found a way to try and take credit for the protests, which would have immediately turned everybody against us. What I’m interested in is how much involvement any of our operatives may or may not have had – I know Seymour Hersh was saying awhile back that we had people in Iran courtesy of Dubya and Cheney. If they were there, I can’t imagine what they were doing. And I’ll admit that the Repugs pushed on this, such as Mike Pence, which is their right. The party out of power has the luxury of “shooting spitballs,” I realize. Short of armed intervention (in which case we would’ve been routed – the thugocracy in Iran would love a repeat of the ’79 hostage crisis to make everybody forget their fraudulent election), I honestly can’t see what else we can do (and the same with North Korea – I think fortifying our radar and ground-to-air missile defenses is the way to go; Obama has family there also, so I can only imagine how important this is to him as well).

Also, regarding Honduras, I should note that I’m not going to form a Zelaya fan club either, but he was the legitimate head of the country. He was also too dumb to realize that trying to ignore his country’s courts was going to get him booted. If Obama strongly comes out against him, then again, it will look like Dubya all over again and make the country even more of a leftist basket case than it already is. To me, the common link between this and Iran is that we’re staying out in both cases and letting events play themselves out. I believe that’s the best course, but that’s just my opinion.

doomsy said...

Oh, and I meant to note this earlier, but the Center for American Progress tells us that 51 million Americans under 65 did not have health insurance as of January 2009...hence the urgency on that issue.